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One of my favourite ways to meditate is to stand at the kitchen counter and release pomegranate seeds from the fruit. Sometimes it doesn’t settle me, but there are times where mindfully working with seed after seed calms my nervous system. My reward is a feeling of peace that I take into my day…and a vibrant bowl of pomegranate, a big plus!


Currently, the ground in Toronto is covered in snow but there is a lot happening under the earth’s surface that we can’t see. Right now, tiny lilies of the valley, crocuses, forget-me-nots, and even simple grass are busy getting ready for spring. Similarly, while pregnancy takes about 38 weeks from conception, the pre-pregnant period (nature’s equivalent of a winter season) is essential: on average, to fully mature it takes a human follicle 120 days to become an egg, while human sperm takes 64 days.[i] What we eat, what we feel emotionally, and what we think are important energies that our body draws upon to nourish all our physical and mental seeds.


Each seed is a microcosm of its future self, so getting clear on your goals is important. You may find some helpful tips here . Once you create your goal, the initial seed of it requires an appropriate environment to thrive. As a hypnotist, words are the tools I use to form the seed (intent/goal); we then ask the unconscious mind to accept it. But we are not done. Our conscious attention is further required to help grow this initial intent into the “plant” that we want. Sometimes along the way, as your plant buds and develops it can look like there isn’t much happening, but that may be because the roots are diving deep into the earth; knowing when to be patient with gardening, the human mind and fertility is important.



Personally, I found 2017 to be a tumultuous year. In one system of analyzing energy that I find helpful,[ii] the number seven is an action number that has the energy of fire. Seven is force, passion, drama, charisma, and generally getting stuff done. Now that it is 2018, the number eight means we are in a sensitive, emotional, calm, gentle and harmonious year. It is the energy of water. I had hoped that this year would bring a softer pace, but after two recent plumbing emergencies in the space of two days (water everywhere!), I realize that water can cause a lot of damage if not properly managed. These crises urge me to create more clarity about my goals. Perhaps you are feeling a similar urge. (January tends to be a time when people take stock and set intent for the upcoming year anyway.) If so, it could be as simple as writing down what you want (handwriting generally if more effective, but a typed copy on your phone/computer screen-saver can work, too), creating a Vision Board, using the voice memo function on your phone for an auditory version, or other are all options.


The important thing about goals is ensuring that you to nourish your “plant” regularly. As Mary Wong, the founder of ALIVE Holistic Health says, “We cannot force a pregnancy; we can only encourage it.”[iii] To thrive your goals need to be nourished and encouraged just like plants need water, food and sunshine. Create reminders in your calendar, add an extra few moments to your meditation, put up post-it notes in your home/office space or written reminders in your wallet…whatever works to ensure that you bring your conscious attention to what you want. Once you focus your conscious mind, you can engage your unconscious with this simple exercise:

Energizing Your Goals:

  • Visualize (or imagine as best as you can) what you want and then send this picture/image into your heart.
  • Then tap into the feeling of love: this can be as simple as remembering a moment with a loved one (human or animal). As best as you can really FEEL this love as much as you can in your being. If this is a challenge, just pretend. It will still work.
  • Mix this love with your picture and beam it out into your energy field as if your heart is a movie projector. (Using hypnosis creates a more profound state, which can speed up this process. Or doing this exercise while focusing on your Vision Board or your written goals can be helpful, too.)



As humans are creatures of habit, repetition is beneficial. If you can repeat your process three times a day for a minimum of three minutes each time, then you are on your way. Regardless of what your goal is: slimming down, clearing up debt, decluttering, being more organized, conceiving and birthing a healthy baby (see here for a HypnoFertility Suggestions pdf download, strengthening your close relationships, improving your health, and more, start with harnessing the power of your mind.


It is in our human nature to continuously strive and create. Revise and update your goals regularly. For more help with goal-setting, staying on track and re-programming your unconscious mind, appointments are available at ALIVE Holistic Health in downtown Toronto, or by phone or online.

[i]    Mary Wong, Pathways to Pregnancy, LifeTree media, 2016, page 86.

[ii]   J. Paungger and T. Poppe, The Code.

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