Transcutaneous Electrical Acupoint Stimulation

TEAS and IVF | Toronto

Did you know that using transcutaneous electrical stimulation on acupuncture points can increase the chances of IVF success? Recent scientific studies indicate the positive therapeutic effects of the TEAS method in women undergoing IVF.

Here’s an explanation of TEAS, and how IVF patients may benefit from it!

What is TEAS?

TEAS stands for transcutaneous electrical acupoint stimulation. It is a needle-free method in which a  low frequency-pulse current is infused into the body via acupuncture points. It is just like TENS, an electrical stimulating device with sticky pads used for back pain. The device inputs electrical stimulation into your body through the sticky pads to control pain. The difference lies in the fact that in TEAS, the current is sent into the body through acupuncture points.

TEAS can best be described as a hybrid technique combination of acupuncture, the traditional Chinese technique, and physical therapy’s transcutaneous electrical stimulation. Inspired by electroacupuncture, TEAS is a non-invasive alternative to acupuncture.

Research studies have recently found that the benefits of TEAS are not limited to decreasing pain and inflammation but can potentially benefit in vitro fertilization (IVF) patients by improving successful outcomes.

Let’s discuss how!

Impact of TEAS on IVF

As mentioned above, recent evidence indicates the possible effectiveness of TEAS in IVF patients.

The first of the two studies was a meta-analysis conducted by Yang et al and the second study by Zhang et al.

The meta-analysis concluded that TEAS might be effective in improving pregnancy outcomes safely in IVF patients; however, more research needs to be done for further verification.

An interesting factor of the study was that the researchers examined a smaller number of patients with TEAS to determine whether their uterine lining was different. Upon embryo implantation, they found that patients who used TEAS had:

  • improved levels of progesterone
  • a better uterine lining specifically increased lining extensions that help the embryo implant

How Does TEAS Work?

There are specific acupuncture points associated with fertility. Sticky electrodes are placed on these points to send low frequency-pulse stimulation into the body. Here’s how the body responds:

Relaxes the response of the nervous system and allows it to dilate the blood vessels. This way, reproductive organs, and glands receive more nutrient-rich blood.

More endorphins are released that support the above two functions and provide an additional stress-relieving boost in patients receiving IVF.

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