At ALIVE, we use acupuncture, hypnosis and massage therapy as safe and effective drug free treatment options in your prenatal care and postpartum recovery.


Pregnancy Acupuncture

Sometimes being pregnant is pretty uncomfortable. Acupuncture is effective and safe through your entire pregnancy for a variety of “common discomforts” of pregnancy. Some of these may include:

“Morning” sickness

Threatened miscarriage

Back and pelvic pain

High blood pressure

Swelling and edema

Gestational Diabetes

Breech and posterior position

Labour preparation (starting at 36 weeks)


Postpartum Care

You are not on your own once your baby is born! Acupuncture and TCM can be used to help restore your health and vitality postpartum. It’s useful for milk supply, mastitis, back, neck and hip pain, hemorrhoids, c-section healing and general recovery.

Acupuncture can be useful in all parts of becoming a parent. But sometimes people are hesitant to give it a try. We get it. It’s needles. Let’s get a few of the common concerns out of the way.


Will acupuncture hurt?

No, acupuncture shouldn’t hurt. In fact, when we are using it to affect the hormonal system, it needs to be gentle in order to be most effective.


Where are you going to put the needles?

In pregnancy, the most useful points on the body are below the elbows and below the knees and often we only use a few points in a treatment.


Do I have to believe in it for it to work?

No, acupuncture will work whether you are a true believer or a skeptic or somewhere in between! Acupuncture may be new to you, but it’s an old medicine with a long history of safety and effectiveness.


Acupuncture is component of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a complete system of healthcare used to treat all human ailments. Acupuncture works best when it is used with other components of Chinese medicine including dietary therapy, physical movement/exercise strategies, stress management and sometimes herbal medicine. For 2000 years, TCM has been used to provide specialized care during pregnancy and in the postpartum time to benefit the health of the newborn and the new parents.



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