At ALIVE, we effectively treat pain conditions through acupuncture, Chinese medicine, massage therapy, and hypnosis.

Built on a foundation of more than 3,000 years of science, Chinese medical practices and acupuncture has profound benefits to alleviate pain.

Recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), acupuncture is an effective form of holistic alternative treatment for pain. Through controlled trials, the WHO found that acupuncture reduces all types of pain, induces relaxation, and stimulates your body’s natural healing responses.

Chinese medicine, acupuncture, massage therapy, and hypnosis are effective in alleviating pain associated with the following but not limited lists of conditions:

Knee pain
Low back pain
Neck pain
Postoperative pain
Rheumatoid arthritis
Tennis elbow
Bell’s Palsy
Menstrual pain/cramps
Adverse reactions to radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy

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