Men’s health

Men’s Health and Fertility

ALIVE Holistic Health Clinic

At ALIVE, our Healthcare practitioners are highly skilled in the treatment and prevention of men’s health concerns.

The most common health concerns men experience are:

Muscular/ Skeletal Pain
High blood pressure
Stress (anxiety, depression, insomnia)
Digestive health
Reproductive health (sperm count, motility, erectile dysfunction)
Prostate health

Male Factor Infertility

Contrary to popular belief, men can have a number of fertility issues as well. In fact, male factor infertility affects 30% of couples experiencing fertility complications.

Most men believe male factor infertility has to do with erectile dysfunction. Although, that is not the case, male factor infertility is caused by genetic, anatomical abnormalities, dietary, and other lifestyle factors. It affects the quantity and quality of a man’s sperm. As a result, this can make it difficult for couples to conceive.

At ALIVE, we offer men, a number of holistic treatments that can maximize their chances of conceiving a child. Please note, treatment for male infertility and prostate health does not involve needling to the genitalia.

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