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Endometriosis Treatment & Therapy – Toronto, Canada

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Women in Toronto, Canada seeking endometriosis treatment can rely on Alive Holistic Health Clinic for relief from the pain and discomfort associated with this condition. Endometriosis is often diagnosed when the endometrium or tissue that lines the inside of the uterus grows outside of the uterus. This may involve the fallopian tubes, ovaries and pelvic tissue and in many cases affects fertility. If you have been prescribed medication or undergone other treatments often used in traditional Western medicine without satisfactory results, we want to enlighten you about alternative treatment for endometriosis. Every woman is different and there is no one “magic” pill or treatment that will provide relief or cure you of this condition.

Endometriosis therapy often involves the use of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, naturopathic medicine, massage, lifestyle and dietary therapy, and other components of holistic medicine. We specialize not only in alleviating the symptoms, but improving fertility as many women with this gynecological condition desire to have a family. Endometriosis may attribute to longer time to pregnancy or be a contributing factor to Infertility. Other symptoms may include:

  • Painful urination or bowel movements, especially during your period
  • Pain during or after intercourse
  • Pelvic pain, cramping and lower back or abdominal pain before and/ or during your period
  • Heavy periods or bleeding (spotting) between periods
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea and bloating

Our Naturopathic doctors and Chinese Medicine practitioners provide endometriosis treatment customized to the unique needs of each patient. Unlike traditional Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine focuses on the body as a whole and seeks to promote overall health rather than treating symptoms. Acupuncture is highly effective for treating endometriosis and works to ease pain, promote blood flow, reduce stress, and balance hormones. Herbal medicine promotes healthy blood circulation and balance in the body, effective for pain management, stress, infertility, restoring reproductive health and more, especially when combined with acupuncture.

Massage is often used in endometriosis therapy to relieve pain, improve circulation, promote overall wellness and more. By combining acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and massage, many women will find the symptoms of endometriosis are greatly reduced or even alleviated while fertility is improved. Those in Toronto who desire a soothing, non-invasive approach to relief from endometriosis are invited to contact Alive Holistic Health Clinic today at 416-591-1535.