Let-Go Breath Meditation

My late teacher, Catherine Jetsun-Yeshe Rathbun, used to teach a form of breath practice which she called the “Let-Go Breath“. This is a technique which involves the person paying attention to their outbreath or exhalation and silently saying to themselves “Letting Go“. She used to say that this was the signature breath practice of our meditation centre.

The statement “Letting Go“ can be applied to any external (ie. sights, sounds, smells, or tastes) or internal personal experience (body sensations, thoughts or feelings), but I have found it most helpful applying it to my body. What are we letting go in our bodies Any tension and stress we find locked up in a body part, we breathe out and see if we can release it. Catherine used to call this the “Let Go Body“ practice.

Over the past few months, the words “Letting Go“ have been speaking somewhat less to me and some different words have started to express a bit more meaning. I believe they carry the same general feeling but also have a different “energy“ or “direction“ to them. They are…

  • Letting tension “Drop“
  • Letting tension “Fall“

So instead of letting the stress “go“ out of the body, you let it “drop“ from the body or you let it “fall“ from the body. I know we are talking semantics but the words can carry strong meaning (especially in meditation practice) and these words express more of a downward direction of release. This downward direction has helped me deepen my connection to a state of relaxation in the body as well as grounded stability. From here, I have been more successful in working with Catherine`s further instructions on Letting Go which I can discuss in a future post.

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