Set Your Body Up for a Fresh Start with TCM Spring Cleanse

Spring is a season of renewal and rejuvenation in nature, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) recognizes the close relationship between the human body and the natural world. TCM deems this as the perfect time for detox to reset your body after a period of reduced activity during the long winter months.

Spring – The Time for Liver and Gallbladder Cleansing

The liver is our body’s natural detoxification organ. Unfortunately, unhealthy lifestyles through consuming heavy foods and alcohol, especially during the holiday season, can take a toll on the liver. As winter subsides and gives way to spring, Traditional Chinese Medicine recommends aiding your liver to get rid of all the toxins from the body.

Spring Cleanse Your Body with Acupuncture

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is associated with the liver and gallbladder, two organs responsible for maintaining the smooth flow of Qi (energy) in the body. This qi flow is vital for both our physical and emotional health. Since the liver is responsible for detoxification, the theme for TCM spring cleanse is eliminating toxins from the body while supporting liver function. Acupuncture is a vital tool used in TCM to support liver function during the spring cleanse.

The Benefits of Spring Cleanse with TCM and Acupuncture

A full-body spring cleanse with Traditional Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture, offers numerous benefits. By improving blood flow and energy flow throughout the body, it can help uplift mood, reduce stress and irritability, and enhance liver and gallbladder function, muscle and tendon health, mobility, flexibility, sleep, and overall health and wellness.

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