Does Stress Make You Infertile?

The short answer is no.


That said, your stress reaction over a prolonged period can impact your fertility negatively. The good news is that it doesn’t have to.


Several years ago I picked up Kelly McGonigal’s book, “The Upside of Stress” and I was excited to see scientific studies matching up with what Chinese medicine has been espousing for thousands of years. Our reaction to stress can shape the way our body responds to it.


Kelly cited a study that tracked 30,000 people over the course of eight years in the United States found that those who indicated that they experienced a lot of stress the year prior had a 43% increased risk of dying.


The good news is that this increased risk was only relevant to those who believed that stress was bad for their health. Those that experienced a lot of stress but who did not see that stress as detrimental were found to have lower risks of dying even when compared to those people who rated that they had relatively little stress.


So what does this have to do with your fertility? According to Alice Domar’s research, the stress level ratings of fertility patients at fertility clinics were just as high as those of cancer and cardiac patients (the leading causes of deaths in the US).


Let’s be real, if you are dealing with infertility, this is one of the biggest challenges in your life right now. As a practitioner, former patient, and fellow fertility warrior, my mission is to help women and couples like you overcome their stress reaction to optimize fertility.


Ask yourself: Are you stressing about being stressed? Do you feel bad or guilty about feeling stressed and then worry that it will impact your fertility? Do you have the tools to effectively manage your stress?


I created the program Live Monthly Fertility Circle to help people like you (and formerly me) who are having difficulties getting or staying pregnant. This past session we covered “Stress Management Strategies for Enhancing Fertility”. The participants left the experience with nuggets of gold to help them change their minds about stress on their fertility and in their lives.


Although I can’t replicate the live experience with you, here’s a snippet of what I shared:


  • Why stress does NOT have to impact your fertility
  • How to recognize your stress triggers
  • How to change your mind about stress
  • 6 strategies to overcome your stress response and enhance your fertility
  • 5 acupressure points to decrease your stress, calm your spirit, and increase blood flow to your ovaries and uterus


If you want to gain control over your stress and stress response, click here and start your transformation now.


If you would like a chat, drop me a note at and we can connect within the next week.


So, what are you struggling with? Let’s go from there and give you the support you deserve to help you navigate your fertility journey and overcome your challenges. Let me be your champion and let’s make a miracle!


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