Self-care ideas that really make a difference

I was in New Hampshire in October, immersed in teaching and training as a Self-Care teacher in the Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy®. As a self care teacher, I can teach a 2.5 day training that explains why you would do self massage to your abdomen and how it can benefit your health.


These few weeks in the woods of New Hampshire with a focus on self-care had me wondering about practical things people can do to take care of themselves when they don’t have a lot of time. This is especially important right now as the craziness of the holidays approaches!


My thought on self care is that it can be as little as 5 minutes a day and consistency is key. It will more likely happen if you can plan ahead and come up with something for yourself that will bring you a little joy. Think about what you need to recharge yourself, so you are able to attend to the needs of others, without feeling frustrated, angry or depleted.


Can you take a nice hot bath? Take a walk outside, even around the block? Get lost in a really good novel? Plan a delicious meal that soothes or comforts your soul? Make a nice cup of tea or cocoa or even a cocktail to just relax and be? Do a little self massage? Plan a movie night with your friends or loved ones? Knit/crochet or sew or draw/paint a little something – if you have a hobby that you love to do but rarely make time for?


I find music is particularly helpful, if you have something you love to listen to. It can transport you in an instant. If you need to move your body or shift your mood, dancing around the kitchen to your favorite song is likely going to help!


As part of my trainings, one of the biggest things we talk about is that “self care” shouldn’t be considered as selfish, and that most people “can’t serve from an empty vessel”. Consider this your permission slip to take some time to take care of yourself this holiday season and everyday!

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