Messages in Water

by David Liang, R.TCMP

Last month, with the approach of Earth Day on April 22nd, I decided to flip through some of my references on meditations associated with the environment.  Among that pile of books and notes was a book that I hadn’t read in quite some time.  It was a New York Times bestseller titled “The Hidden Messages of Water” by Masaru Emito.  Given the timing, I thought it would be fitting to re-read it.

In the book, the author makes a case that water has an ability to copy and memorize information.  He goes on to prove this by taking pictures of the ice crystals formed from different samples of water.  At times, the crystals are well formed and beautiful.  At other times, they are malformed.  He first looked at the tap water of many cities which did not show complete crystal formations.  But when he tested water from a natural environment, complete crystals were formed.  He then goes on to expose water to different vibrations such as different types of music and words.  Classical music as well as the word “Thank-you” resulted in well formed crystals whereas heavy metal music and the word “Fool” produced fragmented and malformed crystals.

He concludes that these experiments show the power of our words on our bodies especially when we consider that our bodies are composed of 70% water!

The book contains many fascinating photographs of his water crystals from his experiments.  The ones I found most interesting were from the water samples exposed to electromagnetic radiation and to natural environments.  You can take a guess on which one produced more beautiful crystals!

Overall, I found the book quite an interesting read.  Although some scientists and researchers may be skeptical of his findings, I do find the conclusions he makes are pretty intuitive.

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