Is massage safe while I am pregnant?

by Tina Torii, RMT

The short answer is yes!! However, there are a few things to consider to get the best care:

  • Choose a registered massage therapist (RMT) that is experienced with massage during pregnancy to get the safest and most effective massage. Many massage therapists have little or no experience working with pregnant clients and may not understand the particular needs of pregnant bodies.
  • Massage during pregnancy is quite safe for mom and baby, however, there are certain acupressure points and areas that need extra caution ( such as certain points on feet, legs and sacrum area). In addition, very deep work may not be ideal for prenatal work as pregnancy hormones change the tension of ligaments.

I do a lot of prenatal work, in fact I often see clients from preconception all the way through to post-partum care. I have always worked with pregnant clients and was happy to add The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy ® to my practice and am now trained to do work on the abdomen during pregnancy.

The benefits of massage during pregnancy are that it can greatly help with uterus ligaments, position of the baby as well as discomforts of pregnancy (hips and low back discomfort as baby grows). During pregnancy, I will start Arvigo® work from 28 weeks, all the way up until their due date. It has been reported from Arvigo® practitioners from around the world that having abdominal massage during pregnancy (particularly in the last trimester) helps with for an easier and faster birth. As part of my treatment, I will teach you a prenatal self-care massage that can be done all the way up until birth.

Don’t let being pregnant stop you from enjoying a massage! If anything, it may help you to relax and get comfortable while your baby is growing and your body is adapting to the changes.

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