Degree: B.A., BCH, HypnoFertility ®, mBIT Coach
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As a childbirth educator (1986-present) she created & teaches the ChildbirthJoy Prenatal Hypnosis program. She is a published author in the doula series, Bearing Witness & Joyful Birth.

One of Shawn’s talents is to help you feel better by the time your appointment completes.

Setting a goal at the start of your appointment helps to focus the work; a wide range of modalities (hypnosis, tapping/EFT, NLP, mBIT Coaching, Matrix Reimprinting) can be employed so that you are in a calmer and more confident state.

Shawn also provides resources for you to learn self-hypnosis as well as complimentary mp3 recordings that you can go to sleep to.

Once a month, the free Relaxation Evening: Fertility Focus is offered at ALIVE Holistic Health.

Appointments are generally two hours in length; Shawn is available on Mondays and some Sundays.

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