Degree: BA Psych, R.Ac

Tara completed a BA in Psychology at Concordia University, with a minor in Behavioural Neuroscience. On a trip to South-East Asia, Tara became interested in TCM Techniques and in recognizing that the body and the mind were dependent on one another for overall health and balance, Tara studied at the Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where she completed degrees in 2007.

Immediately thereafter Tara started practicing at the Alive Holistic Health clinic with the renowned Mary Wong and treated a wide range of conditions from chronic pain therapy, HIV complications, neurological disorders, cancer, stress management, digestive issues and injuries, to integrated infertility treatments (male and female) and menstrual conditions.

In 2008, Tara returned to Montreal where she worked in private practice along with continuing studies at the College-de-Rosemont. In 2011 she moved to Calgary, where she attended the Calgary College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, and worked in the clinic for 3 years. In Calgary, Tara also became a certified Birth Doula through the DONA international program.

Tara rejoined the Alive team in 2018 with excitement and enthusiasm to be back in a homecoming environment where she can passionately support patients and continue refining her skills.

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