Degree: R.TCMP, R.Ac

Tanya is on sabbatical until May 2021.

During this time, she will be building her clinical and medical skills through her second year of BSc Nursing training. Tanya plans to incorporate her skill and experience in Chinese medicine with the medical needs of people in her nursing care. She will return to ALIVE with new skills, a keener clinical eye and a broader perspective on healthcare, all to serve you better! East meets West in one person!





Practicing since 2004, Tanya has focused her work on reproductive health including menstrual health, men’s and women’s fertility, healthy pregnancy and supporting new families postpartum. She has been living in Toronto with her partner and two children since 2008 and is a registered Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner with the CTCMPAO of Ontario.

Having endured her own fertility struggles solidified Tanya’s resolve to pursuing excellence in her understanding of fertility care. She became a fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) to bring together her knowledge of Chinese medicine with a deeper understanding of Western medical fertility care and procedures. This has allowed her to integrate her care with fertility treatment in a productive way.

It is one of her greatest joys to see a fertility client holding their new baby in their arms, having supported them through that journey!

Tanya is a birth doula, and while not currently practicing, her experience of supporting women and couples at over 40 labor and deliveries gives her a special perspective in the care of pregnant and postpartum clients. She sits on the board of the Obstetrical Acupuncture Association (OBAA), an international organization helping to research and improve acupuncture care in pregnancy.

Tanya’s skill and experience is well respected in her field. She has been invited to lecture to allied health professionals at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, at Ryerson University for the Midwifery Education Program and at conferences including the Breech Birth conference, the Canadian Association of Midwifery conference and the International Congress of Midwives. She teaches an acupressure for Birth Professionals course and is on the Traditional Chinese Medicine faculty at Humber College teaching the Gynecology course.


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