Degree: BSc (Hons.), ND

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    Tanya is a registered naturopathic doctor in two locations including Woodrbidge, Vaughan and now Toronto Ontario.  Since the COVID-19 Pandemic her practice has successfully switched over to a Virtual platform.   Over the last fifteen years, she has been fortunate to have an extremely busy practice and has been able to work with thousands of people seeking optimal health.   She is committed to health education and empowering her patients with the most current information on health topics and natural medicine therapies.  She is proud to be an integrative health care practitioner working side by side in a team approach to help her patients get a proper diagnosis and treatment plans.  She often refers her patients to local MDs, chiropractors, nutritionists, physiotherapists, massage therapists and personal trainers.  She believes it takes a team to grow our families and stay healthy!  Social support is key in every aspect of life so she surrounds herself with healthy like-minded health care practitioners so that she can stay healthy and help serve you and your family and your health in the best way possible!

    Tanya incorporates Lifestyle Medicine, Nutrition, Lab Assessments (when necessary &/or indicated), Orthomolecular Medicine, Botanical Medicine, and Fitness consults into her treatment plans depending on the chief concern/health condition.


    Tanya has a strong interest in treating hormone imbalances (women’s and men’s), polycystic ovary syndrome, weight problems, type 2 diabetes, fertility issues, pregnancy concerns, natural labour, lactation and healthy child development.  Being an avid runner, mountain biker and mixed martial artist she also really appreciates working with athletes to help improve their performance naturally.  Additionally, she enjoys helping people with no particular health concerns that are simply looking to be proactive and age gracefully by keeping a healthy lifestyle and supplementing appropriately.  Since being certified as a First Line Therapy practitioner in 2006 she has had a great deal of experience and success in guiding overweight patients through a healthy weight reduction program that focuses on optimal nutrient status, nutrition and exercise.  With new research showing the effectiveness of intermittent fasting (IF) for weight loss and type two diabetes she uses IF.  With her keen interest in nutrition as the foundation of her naturopathic therapies she came to realize the importance of breastfeeding.  She committed herself to many hours of additional training in Breast Feeding Consultation with Dr. Jack Newman (paediatrician and Ontario’s finest specialist in Lactation).  She has helped many patients in her private practice (spending over 1,000 hours) with lactation complications using natural medicine and techniques taught by Dr. Newman.   Tanya has been blessed with the personal experience of nursing her son for two and a half years and her daughter for just over 2 years.  She has also been attending labours since 2004 as a Doula and is very well versed in supporting pregnant mom’s in natural labour.  She is proud of the birthing experiences she had when her son was born in March 2013 and her daughter who was born September 2016 with a midwife and a doula present.  They were short, uncomplicated and free of any medical intervention, (meaning no inductions, membrane rupture, epidural etc).  She attributes this to her healthy weight gain, nutrition, supplementation and exercise throughout her pregnancy.  She hopes that with her extensive experience as a doula and her personal experience she can guide all of her pregnant patients through a natural, enjoyable, intervention-free and healthy pregnancy and birthing experience (labour).

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