New Treatment Rates – Jan 1, 2017

Please be aware that our rates are increasing for acupuncture and massage therapy as of Jan 1, 2017.

Our practitioners are constantly honing their skills and building their experience to improve the effectiveness of your treatments. We are working together closely to provide you the best care team possible!

We are now able to do even more supportive care through our newsletter, Facebook page and workshops to offer you support and encouragement on your health journey!

Thank you for your understanding as we implement the first rate increase in over 8 years!

Here is a listing of the new rates. Please take note of the increases that apply to your treatments!



Initial Acupuncture           $155

Follow up                           $95

Mini Initial                          $125

Consult only                      $60

A/T                                      $130

Facial                                  $150

30 mins                              $60


Massage Therapy

30 mins             $57

45 mins             $77

60 mins             $98

75 mins             $118

90 mins              $138

+ $15 for first time intake


Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Massage initial appointment $153



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